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Mission Statement

Our Intentions

R.I.S is committed to developing an environment which facilitates academic excellence through a core curriculum that is supported by students, teachers, parents, and the Rutland community. We involve students in experiences across a variety of settings to increase independence and community participation, develop individual goals, and enhance academic and social responsibility.

In our efforts to reach each child, we recognize and respect different learning styles and various intelligences. We encourage students to demonstrate individual strengths and needs while they participate in a variety of curricular/co-curricular activities that will prepare them for our ever-changing world.

Our faculty is dedicated to on-going professional growth and development that motivates and inspires life-long learning for everyone.


  • To develop a strong core curriculum that meets state and national standards through committees made up of community members
  • To promote citizenship by integrating social curriculum into our learning environment
  • To meet with parents and students to develop individual goals during parent conferences
  • To include our students in the community through field trips and community projects, student displays and presentations
  • To provide children with opportunities to learn in different ways through a variety of teaching approaches and strategies, such as cooperative learning, team teaching, thematic teaching and implementing student
  • To measure student’s growth through formal and informal assessments such as portfolios, teacher observation, student-peer evaluation as well as traditional testing methods
  • To continue staff professional growth through educational opportunities that broaden and strengthen knowledge and skills.